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Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

QHSE Policy Statement

It is the policy and commitment of Whittaker Engineering to implement, maintain and operate firmly within a Management System that is compliant to the International Standards BS EN ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Whittaker Engineering recognises and accepts its responsibilities in connection with the provision of appropriate environmental, occupational health and safety measures and is committed to preventing pollution, injury and ill health by providing a safe working environment, safe equipment, safe facilities and safe working practices for all employees as well as continually improving the management of these systems.

The company is keenly aware that it is situated in open countryside and it has a responsibility to look after its surroundings. We believe that everyone has a duty of care for the environment and to seek ways to conserve natural resources.

Whittaker Engineering will not allow any unsafe working practices on its premises and it is our responsibility to ensure that the welfare and safety of all personnel under our charge at all times takes precedence over any other consideration. Further, it is the responsibility of each employee to understand and carry out the QHSE procedures applicable to his/her work area. It is also the responsibility of all staff / contractors and visitors to ensure they work safely and that they are not endangering those around them.

Whittaker Engineering will as a minimum comply with legal, statutory and industry requirements and expectations in relation to quality management, occupationalhealth, safety and environmental hazards and will strive to work with clients; suppliers and sub-contractors to minimise risk to a level that is considered As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).

The system promotes customer needs at all levels, through a focus on communication and feedback. Whittaker Engineering will strive to work with employees, clients, suppliers and sub-contractors to continually evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of our system and objectives, both in terms of the quality and our internal business activities. Any risks and opportunities that can affect conformity of products and services to our customers and our ability to enhance customer satisfaction and comply with legal requirements will be determined and addressed. The systems' effectiveness will be demonstrated by repeat business.

Whittaker Engineering is committed to providing engineering solutions and services to our customers. We have and shall continue to promote a permanent, long term and reliable business environment, which is firmly based on:

• Realistic Commercial Competitiveness

• Engineering Integrity

• High Capital Re-Investment

• Identifying opportunities and anc:lysing risk

Continuous improvement shall be a development goal of the system,which shall be planned and based firmly on monitoring, audit, review, analysis and feedback, both internal and external. Specific quality, occupational health, safety and environmental objectives and targets will be set on a minimum of an annual basis and reviewed at least annually through the management review process. This statement will be communicated to all relevant personnel and made available to interested parties when requested.

This policy is endorsed by management and staff and is communicated to all and reviewed, as a minimum, annually. This policy statement may be supplemented in appropriate cases by further statements relating to the work of particular sites or installations.


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