Heat exchanger h

Exchangers / Pressure Vessels

With a comprehensively equipped, modern machine shop and a highly-skilled, experienced team, we can design, build, repair or rebuild most types of heat exchangers. With lifting capabilities of at least 70t and a clean area for mechanical build and testing of exotic material equipment.

Heat exchanger
Exchangers / Pressure Vessels

Heat Exchangers

We can design, build, rebuild, refurbish, test and retest most kinds of heat exchangers, all within our own facility.

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Exchangers / Pressure Vessels


Whittaker Engineering offers cutting-edge coolers for offshore plants, ensuring efficient heat exchange and optimal performance in harsh marine environments. Trust in our expertise for reliable cooling solutions.

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Pressure vessel
Exchangers / Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels

We design and manufacture vessels in carbon steel, duplex, stainless steel and aluminium. We are also authorised for vessel repair, on and off-site. With a machine shop and a fabrication shop under one roof, we can rebuild, refurbish and test in a seamless, cost-effective process.

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